Experience becoming the person you truly want to be

Through Personal Coaching Sessions with the Tools from Internal Family Systems, Holistic Bodywork, Circling & Surrendered Leadership

My Offers support you towards more:

- Relaxation, Creativity and Lightness
- Intrinsic Self-Worth and Self-Esteem
- Freedom from persistent (inner) Conflicts, negative Habits and Behaviors
- A deeper Connection to yourself
- A more profound Experience of Meaning and Fulfillment

...for your Personal Experience
- Self-Efficacy and Leadership with positive Impact
- Communication Skills and interpersonal Intelligence
- Connection to your Sense of Purpose and sustainable Drive
- Ability to navigate complex Situations skillfully

...for your Work and Relationships

Empathetic listening, deep understanding for inner- and interpersonal dynamics and ressource-oriented work with your inner parts are at the core of what I do

How it works

1. Choose a time for a Session

Find a good time for a Session and book your first call. The first Session of 60min is only 25.- CHF

2. Session(s) for the topics important to you

Sessions are timeframes for you to explore the topics important to you.
Together we explore how you can come closer to your desired outcome. I support you with all my tools and abilities.

3. Experience positive change in your life

The new experiences in the Sessions lead to changes in your perception and navigation of life. Suddenly, you become able to choose how you want to act in the usual situations and you start to live your life according to your wishes and needs. 

'I'd have never expected, that through being guided into 'just being', such deep layers of interpersonal connections can be experienced. The recognition of myself at this depth has freed me from ways of thinking, that have restricted me for all my life.
I would not want to miss this experience and will definitely deepen the practice.'
Peter Schüpbach