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I support you towards self-empowerment, embodiment, and want you really want in life
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Do you find yourself in the same behavior, the same (inner) conflicts over and over again?

Do you feel like achieving what you want is really exhausting and almost impossible?

Do you find yourself in unsatisfying relationships, not really knowing how else to be in connection?

Sessions support you towards

Presence &

Ground yourself in the Here and Now. Come to your Senses. Notice what is happening in your Body & your Awareness.

Freedom to be Yourself

Find your authentic voice and live your own life unconstrained from past conditioning.

Fulfilling your Needs

Experience that your needs can be met. Transform the internal structures that keep you from lasting fulfillment of your core needs.

Nourishing Relationships

Find ways of being and relating that are both nourishing and growth-oriented.

Personal Growth and Succes

Grow beyond your usual  range of movement. Achieve the goals you set yourself.

Embodied Spirituality

Get in touch with your sense of purpose and align yourself where you find meaning and direction in life.

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These themes could be the topic of a session

  • Finding your authentic voice and expressing yourself clearer & more effective
  • Developing more vitality, a broader sense of purpose and a more self-directed way of living
  • Cultivating a deeper embodiement and learning how to navigate the wisdom of the body
  • Bringing more intimacy and connection into important relationships & relate in your natural way
  • Uncovering the emotional backgrounds of limiting habits, addictions and physical conditions and finding new ways of being
  • Becoming more present with yourself and others and anchor yourself in the Here and Now

My Work is based on

Circling &
Relational Practice

Presence and Authenticity in Connection. Including the Wisdom of the Body and the Intelligence of Authenticity vs. Attachment

Holistic Bodywork Approach

Unifying Approach to Therapy including Trauma-informed Bodywork, Coaching, Psychotherapy and Energetic Work

Understanding of Trauma

Developmental Trauma Model according to NARM (Laurence Heller)

Inner Parts Work according to IFS (Richard Schwartz)

How it works

  • I offer Sessions in Person or online with ZOOM.
  • Sessions can be booked as single sessions or as bundles.
  • Prices for Sessions:
    – 70.- / 90.- / 110.- CHF
    – Duration of a Call: 60min / 75min / 90min
  • I offer a first Sessions, where you can get to know me an my work. First Sessions are 60min via ZOOM and cost 25.- CHF.

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